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Welcome to the PMI Agile Community of Practice Wiki


The PMI Agile Agile Community of Practice is the result of a grass-roots initiative between a pioneering group of Agilists and the Project Management Institute (PMI) to create a new Agile Community of Practice within the PMI, with the stated purpose "to equip PMI members with Agile knowledge and skills".  
The PMI Agile Agile Community of Practice serves as a connecting body between Agile and PMI groups, facilitating communication, cooperation and collaboration between the Agile and PMI communities. 
The intent of this online portal is to provide information on both PMI and Agile practices, principles, and values to members of both communities in the form of articles, presentations, webinars, podcasts, speaking engagements, news, and event notifications.  

Latest PMI Agile News





Agile Events @ the PMI Global Congress North America


This year's Congress has no fewer than 10 Agile PM sessions, and a reception to welcome the launch of the PMI Agile Community. Here is where you can go to find more details: http://agile-pm.pbworks.com/Upcoming-Events 



How to Get Involved - Contribute Content to this Wiki

We need your input and support!  You have an opportunity to contribute your ideas and influence the types of information, topics, events, etc. you would like the PMI Agile Community of Practice to provide. 
Join our team via  the Volunteering page.
Here are some areas where you can contribute specific content and expertise.  Please click on one of the links below to sign-up for a Subteam:


Upcoming Events Post Wiki content for upcoming agile webinars, conferences, guest speakers, online clinics, and training opportunities.
Available Speakers Post Wiki content for available and upcoming agile speakers by locale with contact information and links to their sample works and artifacts. Please note, this page is not meant to be an endorsement of any individuals speakers.
Knowledge Base Post Wiki content for agile knowledge content such as articles, books, blogs, FAQs, and agile introductory material usefull to PMPs.
Chapter Engagement

Post Wiki content to support global outreach to both PMI chapters and local agile groups.  Help make PMI chapters and local agile groups aware of each other in their communities, so that they have the opportunity to partner on meetings and events.  The intent is to communicate PMI Agile CoP services to PMI chapters and facilitate their use - agile speakers, information about upcoming PMI agile events in their area and where to go to get additional information like articles, books, podcasts, and webinars.


Check out / help build Chapter Engagement information:

  • Agile Community Registry, a page of links to help locate a variety of Agile Communities
  • Coming Soon!    PMI-Agile Collaborations - we'll be posting your stories of co-hosted/partnered PMI Chapter-Agile group collaborations so please let us know if you have an event or collaborative relationship to share.  Stories in the works:



How To Get Connected


More About the PMI Agile CoP


To request further information or determine how to best contribute to PMI Agile CoP activities, please contact us through email at pmiagileinfo@gmail.com.

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