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FAQ - Confessions of an Agile Project Manager

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How Do I Submit a Video for this Contest?

You can submit a video via YouTube. Upload your video and then navigate to the "PMI Agile" Group (http://www.youtube.com/group/pmiagile). This group is open to the public, you may join it or not. In order to submit your video, simply click on the "+ submit a video" link.


What Tools are Available to Create a Video?

There are a number of free and commercial products available for creating videos. Here are some tools we used in preparation and for the demonstration videos.


  1. Windows Movie Maker: This Free too is available with most installations of windows. The key benefit is the ability to string together multiple pieces of video and audio. If you have no presentation animations, you can simply insert 20 images of the slides and set up transitions between them. Audio can be done separately and combined with the video within the application. This actually has the disctinct benefit of letting you record brief (20-40 second) audio clips and piecing them together, rather than trying to record all 6 1/2 minutes at onces


  2. Wondershare PPT to Video: This Commercial tool can convert a slide deck into a movie. It has the benefit of including animations that are set to auto advance. Using this tool, you can take a prepared presentation and turn it into a video fairly quickly. Our experience is that even at this point, it was easiest to then add audio using a tool like Windows Movie Maker.


  3. CamStudio: This open source tool can do full or partial screen capture as well as record audio at the same time. It is free, and for the ambitious, you can simply start it up, and begin to record your video while speaking to it.



How is the Winner Chosen?

The top three winners will be chosen by those who get the most positive votes while adhering to the general guidelines of the Pecha Kucha format. Namely 20 slides  auto advancing every 20 seconds. The PMI Agile Board will have final discretion regarding whether or not a video adheres to these standards and will remove any other videos not in the spirit of this competition. If it is obvious that a video is being voted upon by the same person repeatedly or there are other attempts to interfere with the voting process, the PMI Agile board reserves the right to remove videos from the competition. Nobody currently helping to organize the event can win the prizes.


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