The PMI Agile community gets work done through volunteers. The process by which we get work done is a tailored implementation of Scrum (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrum_(development))


The community will divide work into two tiers. 


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Tier 1: The Steering Committee 

Every two weeks, the Steering Committee will hold a meeting where the Community Lead will brief the committee on the immediate priorities. These priorities will be documented on the committee backlog as large-sized work items (aka epics). Committee members (or their surrogates) will self-assign these large-sized work items. They will be responsible for leveraging resources and volunteers to make progress on their work items over the next two weeks. If they run into any problems, they proactively reach out to the Community Involvement Lead to get help.


Tier 2: work-specific Subteams

Once a committee members have self-assigned work items, they are responsible for making progress on that item. If they need volunteers, they will announce their need for volunteers to the community's general membership. That announcement will provide instructions for how/when volunteers can meet together virtually. Volunteers will RSVP to the committee members for items they wish to work on, and thus form a new sub-Team dedicated to that item. The committee member will then become the Product Owner for that work-item, decomposing it into smaller, more achievable pieces. The team will record the decomposed work item into their own backlog, and then decide how they will accomplish the work.  At the end of the two-week time-box, the committee member will then report back to the Steering Committee on work accomplished.


Volunteering: Getting Started Link to page on how to set-up Accounts



To volunteer for specific PMI Agile CoP activties or request information on how you can best contribute, please contact us through email at pmiagileinfo@gmail.com.