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PO for Knowledge Base

Page history last edited by Jesse Fewell 14 years, 10 months ago

Jesse – Brian and I “owe” you a rough draft of a job description for a Sub-PO Knowledge Base Board Member (1st & 2nd year).  Following is a 1st draft on some of the ideas that Brian and I were bouncing around re: relevant competencies and qualifications:

1.        Active PMI and Agile Community Membership (re: credibility and understanding the culture of both communities)

2.       Deep working knowledge of both PMBOK and Agile with competencies of each at the Knowledgeable Practitioner level using the Dreyfus Scale below*

3.       Demonstrated ability to apply systems and strategic thinking to develop and evolve a Virtual Community

4.       Practical experience of web based tools and technology

5.       Practical understanding of how to lead change and be a change agent

6.       Courage and strength of conviction to drive and lead change across cultures

7.       Demonstrated innovative and strategic visioning to extend the future of our virtual community

Jesse, Brian and I thought that we should call out these competencies for all of the board positions along with strong collaborative, critical thinking, negotiation, and facilitation skills specific to the Knowledge Base, leadership, administration and oversight


Have a great weekend!


*Dreyfus Scale:

1. Novice: Rule based behavior, strongly limited and

inflexible; little situational perception and no

discretionary judgment

2. Experienced Beginner: Incorporates aspects of the

situation but each are treated equally; needs guidelines

3. Practitioner: Acting consciously from long term goals

and plans; standardized and routine procedures

4. Knowledgeable practitioner: Sees the situation as a

whole and acts from personal conviction

5. Expert: Has an intuitive understanding of the situation

and zooms in on the central aspects

6. Virtuoso: Has a higher degree of competence, advances

the standards and has an easy and creative way of doing


7. Maestro: Changes the history in a field by inventing

and introducing radical innovations


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