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PMP Agile Intro Subteam Meeting Minutes

Page history last edited by Rodney Bodamer 15 years, 1 month ago


4/28/2009 Subteam Meeting



  • Randy Bennett 
  • Rodney Bodamer
  • Alexander Lesnevsky 
  • Margaret Motamed 
  • Lucas Persona
  • Sellers Smith 
  • Randy Tangco



4/28/2009 12 - 1pm EST



  • 5 minutes - Introductions
  • 5 minutes - High Level Recap of PMI Agile initiative
  • 10 minutes - Develop initial Intro to PMPs Subteam mission and review other in-flight subteam activities (e.g. Knowledge Base, Chapter Involvement, etc.)
  • 5 minutes - Shared work area and other meeting logistics
  • 25 minutes - Brainstorm initial subteam Product Backlog
  • 5 minutes - Next Steps and Wrap-up


  • Introductions
  • High Level Recap of PMI Agile initiative
    • This is a grass-roots initiative between a group of Agilists and the Project Management Institute (PMI) to create a new Agile Community of Practice (CoP) within the PMI, with the stated purpose "to equip PMI members with Agile knowledge and skills".    
    • An interim, online portal was created to provide information on both PMI and Agile practices, principles, and values to members of both communities in the form of articles, presentations, webinars, podcasts, speaking engagements, news, and event notifications.  
    • April: Business Plan submitted and approved; plans in-place for a mid-June Agile CoP launch.  
  • Develop initial Intro to PMPs Subteam mission and boundaries with other subteams
    • First cut on our subteam mission:  Leveraging agile content generated from the other subgroups (e.g. Knowledge Base, Chapter Involvement, Recommended Speakers, etc.), our subteam will serve as a launching point for PMI PMPs members interested in transitioning to agile project management and who want help in how best to get started.  We will take a mentoring approach and customize content based upon requests, needs, questions, advice, and training requests coming from the PMP community.   
    • We also discussed what is our relationship and boundaries are with the other subteams - we will be referencing content generated from the other subteams and organizing it in such a way that is most useful from the perspective of a project manager new to Agile.  
    • We committed to leveraging and helping build-out the "Knowledge Base – Section 2 PMBOK Alignment to Agile" area of the wiki, yet additional discussions with the KB team are necessary.
  • Shared work area and other meeting logistics
    • Need Open Questions and Contributions section to wiki
    • Need Subteam Backlog on wiki
    • Need Subteam Meeting Minutes to wiki
    • Need Weekly meetings to continue to build momentum within subteam.  The next couple weeks will be 1 hour duration with a goal of 30 minutes after that.
  • Brainstorm initial subteam Product Backlog


Action Items


  • Provide and categorize an initial 2 dozen questions to seed the initial Agile PM FAQ and post on Agile-PM wiki (Sellers Smith, by 5/1/2009)
  • Each subteam member to contribute at least 5 questions (or refine existing) and confirm categorizations of the Agile PM FAQ (Team, by 5/5/2009) 
  • Develop and Post initial Subteam Backlog to wiki (Rodney Bodamer, by 4/29/2009)
  • Post Open Questions and Contributions section to wiki  (Rodney Bodamer, by 4/29/2009)
  • Post Subteam Meeting Minutes to wiki  (Rodney Bodamer, by 4/29/2009) 
  • Request/confirm 'ownership' of agile PM FAQ from Knowledge Base subteam (Rodney Bodamer, by 4/29/2009)


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