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Can we add sections to the methods page? ie




• Crystal

• Lean Software Development

• Dynamic System Development


• Adaptive Software Development

• Feature Driven Development

and I think there were more in Jesse's article on PMI sig?


Some ideas - not sure how to fit into the taxonomy:


Agile Contracting and Contract Templates


- Special circumstances: Distributed teams (physical location, time zone), shared codebase among multiple project teams, need to keep some shared resources ie SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) that are multitasked across teams, what about really big products with >> number of developers, etc  


- Agile case studies, and list of companies that are actively using


- Changing a company’s culture (ie how do I get my company to consider adopting Agile, can we just we just adopt a few parts, where is the 10 steps to adoption plan, what are the benefits that would convince people to change? The metrics to measure that the change helped us improve? Answering management’s FAQ )


- Career paths and certifications


- Distributed / Remote Teams and Agile (put in Large projects area for now)


- Agile PMO


- Testing/QA in Agile



Prerequisite Concepts

Q: As Mike Beedles or Mary Poppendieck explain it well, it is not just a matter of understanding the how, but a matter of fully grasping the why. Between 1.1 Values and Principles and 1.2 Practices and Methods, I think we need a 1.x Helpful Concepts and Theories. This is where all the supporting theories and concepts useful in understanding how Agile is different and relevant, such as everything that can be found in Chapter 6 of "Agile Software Development with Scrum", or the Thinking Tools presented in "Scaling Lean & Agile Development", would be introduced. What do you think?

A: this will be addressed through the FAQ