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Open Contributions

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This page is used to collect ideas and links to content (uploaded files or just URLs) related to the mission of the PMI-Agile Forum. Rather than creating a new page for each contribution, just add the contribution to this page.

Any comments on any contributed item can be entered as comments to this page.


Evidence of synergy between Agile and the PMI PMBOK

Please add ideas and suggestions here.


From The Agility Imperative: Précis:


Agility is not an end unto itself. Therefore, Agility is not a capability that should
be maximized. The capability to be agile (Agility Potential) and actual reactions
to changes (Manifest Agility) both involve costs. These costs can be justified only
by the nature of the challenge. The appropriate amount of Agility to seek,
Requisite Agility, is a level that balances the costs of attaining it with the
consequences of not having it, given the situation. Thus, Requisite Agility, not
unlimited Agility, should be the goal.


See more related resources at the DOD's Command and Control Research Program (http://www.dodccrp.org/) and the
Center for Edge Power (http://www.nps.edu/Academics/Centers/CEP/index.html)

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Dennis Cochran said

at 4:47 pm on Apr 27, 2009

There was a discussion within the Yahoo group regarding how to hire Agile PMs.
Perhaps message threads like that should go into the HR Management section of the Knowledge base.

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