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Leadership Council

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Leader Pair

Job Description

Chief Product Owner

Jesse Fewell

Excella Consulting

jesse [dot] fewell [@] excella.com


Mike Cottmeyer
Pillar Technology

mike [at] cottmeyer [dot] com



PO, Chapter Engagement (includes Community Services)

Ainsley Nies

anies at sbcglobal.net

650.359.7684 (H)

Michele Sliger

Sliger Consulting, Inc.

michele at sligerconsulting.com


PO, Knowledge Base

Pat Reed pat_reed@gap.com


650 515-2989



Brian Bozzuto

brian [at] brianbozzuto.com


see draft 

PO, Community Services

George Schlitz 

BigVisible Solutions


Dave Prior 


PO, Website/Technology

Rodney Bodamer



Mike Griffiths 


PO, Events / PR / Marketing / Vendor Relations

Bob Tarne

Sanjiv Augustine




Community ScrumMaster



See: Scrum Master Role

PMI Staff Liaison

Nichole Ritz

nichole.ritz [at] pmi.org

(610) 356-4600 x5051





  • Each role on the Council is staffed by two individuals, using the practice of "pair leadership". Doing so provides the following benefit:
    • Redundancy - If one person is temporarily too busy with their regular full-time, or is on vacation, the other person can continue moving their team forward.
    • Dynamic Feedback - Agilists believe in the higher quality output that comes from individuals working together during execution. We see this everyday when we ask our co-workers for "another set of eyes to look at a problem".
  • Each role on the Council is staffed by a pair of equals.
  • The titles "Product Owner" and "ScrumMaster" are borrowed from the Scrum project management framework.




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