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Knowledge Base Content Guidelines

Page history last edited by Olivier Gourment 12 years, 5 months ago

Welcome to the PMI-Agile wiki and thank you in advance for your interest in making this site grow!

All edits and comments are moderated after the fact. Please take some time to go throught the simple directives below in order to maintain consistency and make sure the contributions effectively contribute to the community's best interests.


Page Structure and Content

The Knowledge Base should contain links to other sites or pages, or published material in general (books, articles, discussions in online forums...)

Please use Headings and sub-headings to classify contents withing a page.

Please use bulleted lists to group similar items.

Links should open a new window and be accompanied with a short description of the contents, date and author if possible. Each individual contribution should not exceed 3 lines.

Comments and Questions

Add a comment to a page for questions directly related to an existing page. For any other comment please use either the Open Contributions page (if you have a piece of content that you think is valuable, but you really don't know where it will fit in the structure) or the Open Questions page to pose questions to the team or the broader community.


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