Global Collaboration



The [Global Collaboration] Epic story is about identifying and engaging the entire Agile & Scrum community, globally, such that the larger goal of [pmi-agile] is advanced.


The [Global Collaboration] Epic Story reads as follows:


"As a community leader, I want to collaborate with the right people, globally, to execute on wide-scope community and education initiatives, so that the objectives of the [pmi-agile] project are achieved in a timely manner"


To reiterate, the over-arching purpose of the [pmi-agile] project is:


"To add value to all PMI Practitioners, by equipping them with Agile knowledge, and Agile skills"


This Epic is about mobilizing the Scrum and Agile communities, worldwide, especially in places where PMI chapters are located thoughout the world. This Epic is all about communicating, cooperating, collaborating and engaging with the entire Scrum and Agile community, globally, such that [pmi-agile] goals and objectives are advanced.


A deconstruction of the [Global Collaboration] Epic story includes the following sub-Epics. Each is a huge area of focus and execution:



[pmi-agile] may well be the most ambitious, widest-scope, fully distributed Scrum project EVER attempted.


The [Global Collaboration] Epic is a major piece of the [pmi-agile] puzzle and requires Team members to display specific attributes.


Are you there?


We are actively seeking Team members with the following attributes:



This sub-Project is huge, and there is huge opportunity to advance the work if you are involved here. This sub-project's team is organized as a Bioteam. You can choose to be merely involved, very involved, or 100% committed. You may also choose to progress through these stages at your own pace, and according to your own willingness, and availability. Learn more about the Bioteams model for teaming here:


Bioteams overview

Bioteams test: is your project appropriate for a Bioteam?

Bioteams test: does your team act and execute as a Bioteam?



Dan Mezick is a top-level Team member, and the sub-Product-Owner of the [Global Collaboration] top-level Epic. He is the Stage producer of the Agile2009 [Manifesting Agility] Stage; he organizes and runs the Agile Boston and Agile CT user groups.


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