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General Questions

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What is the PMI Agile Community of Practice (CoP)?

We are a formally authorized group of Agile-minded members within PMI, who believe the Agile approach to project management can dramatically increase you chances for project success.


What is Agile Project Managment?

First, the Agile approach is aggressively focused on delivering business value early and often, rather than performing to plan. Second, the Agile approach believes the only way to accomplish the first goal, is to create the right conditions for a high-performing team. To learn more, you can peruse our self-organizing knowledge base


Why did PMI authorized the PMI Agile CoP?

Whether its breakout sessions at a Global Congress, Chapter meetings, or Webinars, Agile events are overbooked and oversold at PMI venues. We believe this represents more than a fad, but a genuine desire among PMI's membership for skills and knowledge that are more effective than business-as-usual. When presented with this need, PMI authorized a formal community to equip its members with Agile skills and knowledge


Does this mean PMI will create an Agile extension to the PMBOK, or an Agile certification?

The PMI Agile CoP is authorized only to help you get better at your job of coordinating project success. We have no plans to request the creation of either a PMBOK extension or a certification. However, this is a topic of significant debate at the grassroots level, which you can read more about here: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/pmiagile/message/263


Why is PMI at the Agile Open conference?

We attend Agile events to ask for advice and volunteers. PMI members need Agile skills and knowledge, which they will only get if experienced Agile practioners engage them. PMI has provided an unprecedented opportunity to influence over a half-million managers in work environments across all industries. The CoP needs your input and your volunteer efforts to maximize the impact and influence of a better way to do work.



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