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Community Roles

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The Community is comprised of Volunteers serving in the following Roles and Tiers:





  • Team Owner - This is the sponsor/customer of the team's work. The Owner defines and scope of work for the team, as well as the acceptance criteria for the work. The Owner approves the work performed.
  • Team Project Manager - This is the facilitator of the team's work. If the Owner provides vague direction, the PM can coach or translate communication to be clearer. If team members have difficulty communicating, the PM can schedule a concal, or setup an instant message conversation. The PM is responsible to make the team more effective 
  • Team Member - This is the doer of the team's work. Team members respect each other's skills and contributions. They make commitments on specific tasks and deliver on those commitments. Team members have ultimate authority as to HOW the work is done, and achieve that authority through consensus decisions, where consensus is defined as "I can live with this decision". 


By way of reference, a mapping of analogous project roles is displayed below:


Our Roles analog from VCP analog from Scrum
Team Owner Community/Team Manager Product Owner
Team Project Manager Community/Team Involvement Lead ScrumMaster
Team Member Volunteer Team Member




At present, the Community operates using two tiers:


  • Formation Steering Team - This is the top-level leadership team. It consists of a Community Owner (jesse.fewell@excella.com), a Community Project Manager (george.schlitz@gmail.com) and several volunteers. The Community Owner sets the vision, the scope, and immediate requirements for the Steering Team, and thus the overall community. The Steering Team members then self-assign a high-level work package (e.g. Launch Event) and then charter a sub-team to execute the work package. After the fomal Community launch event, the formation Steering Team will be replaced by an ongoing operational Community Council. If there are process or communication issues, the team PM will facilitate a work around or solution.
  • Work-Specific Sub Teams - These are teams owned and chartered by those members of the Steering Team that are responsible for work. Volunteers sign up to participate on the team and complete work.




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