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Community Charter

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This Community Charter Document articulates the collective vision of the PMI Agile Community of Practice (CoP). This document was drafted during the formation of the Community, and is in the process of being ratified by the formation Steering Committee.


Community Vision of Who We Are: 

"The PMI Agile Community is a community of highly accountable project professionals, improving skills, expanding minds, and continuously raising the day-to-day effectiveness and professional satisfaction of project teams across the world."


Community Mission: "To equip PMI Members with Agile skills and knowledge"


Community Values:

  • Vision
  • Servant Leadership
  • Trust
  • Collaboration
  • Honesty
  • Learning
  • Courage
  • Openness
  • Adaptability
  • Leading Change
  • Transparency


Community Scope:

Our community welcomes any practitioner or organization interested in the delivery of business value in the most effective way possible, and the relentless improvement of organizational processes used to deliver that value. This includes all sectors of professions from technology to manufacturing to retail. Members of this community share values and focus similar to other organizations including, but not limited to the Agile Alliance, the Scrum Alliance, the Agile Project Leadership Network, the Software Process Improvement Network, and the Lean Construction Institute.

2009 Goals & Objectives:

  • "Deliver value NOW" - Rather than wait, we move forward. We can overcome any delays in formal resources, to make progress on our Community Purpose. We will define metrics to measure what our members define as value. We will provide opportunities for asipring leaders to volunteer. We will equip and enable stakeholders to learn and teach Agile project management, even before we have formally launched. By way of example, this wiki website will serve as a staging site for collaboration and content that will eventually be hosted by PMI. Each PMI member that wishes to learn and teach Agile Project Management and can use this site to do so, rather than waiting for the PMI-hosted website to be fully operational.


  • "Launch!" - We are an official component of the Project Managment Institute, fully authorized and empowered to represent the Agile community within its membership. Accordingly, we will plan, promote, and execute a formal launch event by the end of Q2, 2009.


Community Resources:

  • Committed from our sponsor (PMI's Community and Component Relations Office):
    • Annual operating budget to cover expenses (TBD)
    • Dedicated, single point-of-contact to PMI Headquarters, able to provide the information and decisions necessary to operate as a PMI entity
    • Training for our leaders at the PMI Leadership Institute
    • Internet and Telecom Infrastructure for internal collaobration and service delivery
  • Expected from community stakeholders
    • Volunteer resources, consistent with our Community Values.
    • Permission to delivery value iterative/incremental fashion, rather than customers/users considering 1st draft results as finished products


Community Roles:

The Community operates with volunteers serving in clearly defined Community Roles, which are briefly listed here:

  • Team Sponsor
  • Team Project Manager
  • Team Member


Working/Operating Agreements: 

  • All work will be performed against a set of program-wide and team-specific Acceptance Criteria
  • All work teams will self-assign volunteers to fill the community's clearly defined Roles:
  • All work teams will delivery value using Agile artifacts and ceremonies:
  • All decisions will have team consensus, where consensus is defined as "I can live with that decision"

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