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Chapter Engagement

Page history last edited by anies@sbcglobal.net 14 years, 2 months ago

About Us

Chapter Engagement morphed from Community Engagement when we formally became the PMI Agile Community of Practice. Ainsley Nies and Michele Sliger are pairing to lead this effort.


The purpose of the Chapter Engagement team is to provide global outreach to both PMI chapters and local agile groups.  In keeping with the mission of the PMI Agile CoP, our goal is to further the education of its membership in agile aspects of project management.


We plan to make PMI chapters and local agile groups aware of each other in their communities, so that they have the opportunity to partner on meetings and events. We intend to communicate PMI Agile CoP services to PMI chapters and facilitate their use - agile speakers, information about upcoming agile events in their area, and where to go to get additional information like articles, books, podcasts, and webinars. We will also provide a similar service to local agile groups. 


We will have succeeded when all PMI Chapters, world-wide, have access to agile resources in the CoP and in their local community.


If you have questions or are interested in helping to support this effort, please contact anies@sbcglobal.net 


Definition of Agile Community -  

Those thought leaders, craftpersons and adherents who support an approach to working together that favors short-cycle, iterative, feedback-intensive efforts that allow interium results to influence the emerging direction of the practice.  Agile methods include and are not limited to: Scrum, Crystal, Extreme Programming (XP), Adaptive Software Development, Feature Driven Development, Dynamic Systems Development, Context Driven Testing, Lean Development and (Rational) Unified Process.


Use the Agile Community Registry to find an agile community near you.


Agile Community Registry 


Use the PMI-Agile Collaborations Page to find examples, leverage points and helpful contacts for Chapters interested in developing some form of collaboration with a local agile group. Collaborations may be one-time events or working relationships. 


PMI-Agile Collaborations


Introducing the PMI-Agile CoP Deck

This deck can be used by community members to provide an introduction about the CoP to any group.  Feel free to contribute and share improvements.

PMI Agile Intro.key  PMI Agile Intro.pdf


Comments (5)

Bryan Smith said

at 12:34 pm on Apr 16, 2009

If this group is only for those who are members of a local PMI chapter, then my apologies up front! However, as a member of the Rally team who supports NY, NJ & CT I work with the NY, NJ and Westchester PMI groups as well as many of the local agile groups (APLN, XP, etc). If that would be useful for this group, I'm happy to participate. Thanks!


anies@sbcglobal.net said

at 10:50 am on Apr 17, 2009

Bryan - this group is for folks who are interested in helping to get the work done as described on the wiki page - so if that's what you're up for you're in the right place and we're happy to have you!


Bryan Smith said

at 10:57 am on Apr 17, 2009

Great- count me in! :-)

Donna Reed said

at 7:12 pm on Oct 8, 2009

Growing the LA/OC California Community (Surfing Capital of the world !)


George Schlitz said

at 6:57 pm on Oct 15, 2009

2 Surf City Reps - raising the bar!

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