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Available Speakers

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Agile Speakers

in alphabetic order


The PMI Agile Community of Practice does not endorse these speakers -- we are merely providing a service to those who wish to list themselves as speakers and to those who wish to find speakers in their area. Remember: this is a wiki, so anyone who joins can add their name here. You may also wish to point speakers you've heard and enjoyed to this page, so they know to come here and list themselves, as many of us in the Community have already done.


When adding your information, please insert your name in alphabetic order by last name.

Please list country, state first before the city -- this will allow readers to sort by Home Base.


Speaker Name Contact Info Area of Expertise Home Base Availability
Lyssa Adkins lyssaadkins <at> cricketwing.com

Project Manager turned Agile Coach.  PMP since 2002 and Certified Scrum Master since 2005.  Now, a Certified Scrum Trainer and the author of Coaching Agile Teams due out Spring 2010.

USA - VA - Richmond  
Martin Alaimo martin.alaimo <at> kleerer.com

Certified Scrum Practitioner, Agile Coach & PMP.

Organizational and Personal Coaching/Training in Agile Principles. IT Project Manager with 12+ years of experience.

Blog: http://www.martinalaimo.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/martinalaimo

Argentina - Buenos Aires Please email for availability
Michael Aucoin

maucoin <at> leadingedgemgmt.com 979.695.8585

Right Brain Leadership for Projects, (motivation, creativity, personal maturity - personal and team relationship elements of agile), author of Right-Brain Project Management, PE, PMP USA - TX - College Station  
Sanjiv Augustine 

sanjiv.augustine <at> LitheSpeed.com 

(703) 745-9125



Guy Beaver

guy.beaver <at>


(704) 918-LEAN (5326)

Technology Executive, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Trainer,  transition to Lean-Agile Enterprise Agility. Charlotte, NC just need notice
Niklas Bjørnerstedt

niklas <at> leanway [dot] no

+47 92 62 59 10

Current PMP, agile release strategy Norway  
Myriam Batista

myriam <dot> batista <at> compuware.com (919) 425 - 0555

PMP, seasoned Agile practitioner.  Expertise in assisting organizations and individuals to successfully leverage Agile principles.
USA - NC- Raleigh/Durham Varies
Mike Cottmeyer 

mike [at] cottmeyer [dot] com 


  USA - AL Atlanta  
Andrew Filev

andrew <at> team.wrike.com


An expert in project management and a successful software entrepreneur, co- founder and CEO at Wrike.com. Have been managing software teams since 2001 with the help of new-generation collaboration and management applications. 

Author of some influential project management articles published in Cutter IT Journal, Web 2.0 Journal, Agile Journal, etc. Project management expert and an Enterprise 2.0 software veteran. Have spoken on innovations in project management at UTD PMI Symposium 2008 and 2009, Office 2.0 Conferences 2007 and 2008, Enterprise 2.0 Conferences 2009 in Boston and San Francisco. Author of Project Management 2.0 blog.

USA - CA, Mountain View just need notice. Please email or call for availability
Mike Griffiths

Mike <at> Leadinganswers.com


(403) 973 6970

Co-author of DSDM in 1994, 15 years of enterprise agile implementations and conversions. Contributor to the PMBOK v3 Guide. Trainier for the PMI SeminarsWorld "Agile Project Management" course for the last 4 years. Served on the board of the Agile Allaince and the APLN. Trained thousands of agile practitioners via public and private courses and conferences worldwide. Passionate about making agile transitions simple and lasting.  Canada - AB Calgary Please Email for availability
Maurice Hagar maurice <at> mauricehagar <dot> com 25 years strong experience with Agile and its precursors from software engineer to program manager to CIO. PMI member since 1997, and project manager and Agile trainer / coach since 2005. See http://www.mauricehagar.com for more information. USA - NC- Raleigh/Durham  
Dan Mezick 

dan <dot> mezick <at> newtechusa <dot> com 

203 234 1404

Community Scrum Master here at PMI-Agile. Scrum Coach and Trainer. Speaker at 5 different PMI events over the past year (@ MassBayPMI, and Southern CT PMI chapters). Organizer and leader of Agile Boston and Agile CT Usergroups. Agile2009 [Manifesting Agility] Stage producer. Available for speaking on agile and Scrum to PMI Chapters and agile user groups throughout USA.    
Ainsley Nies anies <at> sbcglobal.net Org/project/team charters, retrospective facilitation & facilitator training, personal retrospectives for leaders; Open Space Technology and World Cafe facilitation.  PMI Agile CoP Steering Committee - PMI speaker on agile topics.  Instructor in UC Berkeley Ext. Agile Management Program. USA - CA Email for availability
Brian Rabon

brian.rabon <at> yourpmpartner.com




Dynamic speaker with the ability to engage his audience and connect with them on a personal level. Expert knowledge of software project management; both Agile and Traditional.


Popular talks:

  • Agile Project Management - An Overview
  • Agile Secrets Revealed
  • Servant Leadership - NEW





USA - AL Open, please call or e-mail for availability
Pat Reed


415 427-5431

  USA - CA  
Bob Sarni agilepm <at> msn.com Current PMP, Certified Scrum Coach (CSC), Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). Large enterprise implementations of Scrum, Enterprise Transition Teams and Backlogs, currently coaching and training a large Pharma company on their enterprise Scrum implementation effort and integrating with traditional project approaches and FDA compliance. USA - IL Bloomington (but I am mostly in Northern NJ or Philly PA area during the week. Varies
George Schlitz

gschlitz <at> bigvisible.com


  USA - CA Long Beach  
Bob Schommer



(920) 593-3637

PMP and Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP).  Introducing organizations to Scrum and agile methods.  Coaching Scrum Teams.  Helping individuals in traditional roles (e.g. Project Manager, Business Analyst, QA) make a successful transition to Scrum. USA - WI  Green Bay Please email or call for availability
Alan Shalloway

alshall <at> netobjectives.com 425-269-8991

Enterprise Agility, Agile Management, Lean Software Development, Keanban for Software Engineering, Lean-Agile/Scrum for Your Team, Product Owner, Design Patterns. How Lean and PMI can work together.


I give talks around the country as I travel to do training there. We have instructors who can do this.

USA just need notice
Michele Sliger

michele at sligerconsulting.com


Scrum (Certified Scrum Trainer), transitioning from traditional to agile, facilitation and leadership, PMP certified. Co-author of The Software Project Manager's Bridge to Agility, a mapping of PMBOK knowledge areas to corresponding agile practices and principles. USA - CO Denver 2010
Bryan Smith


(303) 565-2879

Greg Smith


(206) 854-9229

Agile/Scrum Project Management training. Practical, low-risk Agile adoption coaching. Co-author of Becoming Agile in an Imperfect World.

Currently touring the US helping and training local PMI chapters.

USA - WA Seattle Email for availability
Sellers Smith

sellers<dot>smith <at> gmail.com


PMP and CSM.  Agile System Engineering (infrastructure, virtualization) USA - GA Atlanta Varies
Jon Stahl jon<dot>stahl<at>leandog<dot>com Agile/Lean Coach. Some of my talks; Agile/Lean from the Top Down, Kanban Explained, Redefining the PMO. I enjoy collaborating with PMI Chapters anywhere.



Email me
Jorge Valdés 


Agile PMO  Deployment  México D.F.  Varies 
Bob Tarne btarne@yahoo.com PMP/CSM/6 Sigma Blackbelt USA-Kansas City varies
Dennis Stevens  dennis <dot> stevens <at> gmail <dot> com

Enterprise Agile Strategies.

Bridging the Agile PMP Gap.

Transforming Traditional to Agile Development.

Project Conversations. 

Capabilities Analysis: Feeding the Agile Beast.

USA - GA Atlanta   
Lisamarie Babik lbabik <at> menloinnovations <dot> com Agile and its relationship with formal project management. The executive perspective. Making the leap from waterfall to agile. Certified PMP.


Ann Arbor

Sally Elatta

Sally <at> AgileTransformation.com

402 212 - 3211

View Topics

Enterprise Process Improvement Coach. I help organizations cut enterprise process waste, transition from waterfall, apply agile techniques to projects, and recover challenged or projects in trouble. I have spoken several times at the PMI Heartland, IIBA, Infotec and several others.  VIEW TOPICS USA

USA - Midwest

NE, IA, Kansas, IL

Email me
Pierre E. Neis 

pierreneis[ at ] gmail[ dot ] com


Scrum Coach and Management Consultant. CSPO

Topics: Scrum Re-engineering, AgileEVM, Agile Governance, Scrum 2.0, Scrum Portfolio Management, Advanced Scrum Trainings


Conferences & Workshops:

- AgileEVM (Scrum + EVM = AgileEVM) how federate PMI & Agile Skills effectively

- Ideation & Visioning for Searchers: how the Scrum approach gives tools to improve new ideas  

- Product Owner Practitioner: it's a Product Owner Workshop (no certification) for Project Manager, Team Leader, Business Analyst, CIO

EMEA  Email me 
Marcus Widerberg marcus <dot> widerberg <at> gmail <dot> com

Agile coach, PMP. Focus: Software development projects, team management

Talks include: Agile pros and cons, Keeping teams intact, Adopting Lean Tools in software, Kanban in development & operations, 10 ways of working with commitment, Agile outside of software industry, Agile project management for the experienced PM, etc.


Conferences include: SPA, Oredev, PMI Global congress EMEA, Scandinavian Developers Conference, etc

EMEA Email me
Tushar Somaiya

tushar <dot> somaiya <at> gmail <dot> com


+91 9869209689

At core, a human being trying to make a positive change in world around!!!


A passionate agilist who does not do agile or follow agile but LIVE AGILE PASSIONATELY!!


  • CSM, CSP, Planning CST & CSC, ITIL & CSBA
  • Guest speaker at Agile Tour 2011 Hyderabad & Pune, India & PMI Conclave 2011 Mumbai.
  • Internal Agile Coach
  • Results Certified Coach (Executive Coach) from Results Coaching System in association with Franklin Covey South Asia
  • Corporate trainer
  • Agile Coach & Consultant
  • Help organizations & individuals become agile
Mumbai, India



Call or Email.





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