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Agile for Non-IT Projects

Page history last edited by Daria Petrova 10 years, 10 months ago

This page is a collections of links to files and pages that describe how Agile practices may be applied to non-software development projects.

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Agile 2008 - Future Directions for Agile - Conference Presentation


In this talk, David Anderson suggests a framework to translate the Agile/Lean paradigms to include other departments than the IT one.




Scrum in Marketing: Making Enterprises Adaptive

article by Andrew Filev, the author of Project Management 2.0 blog 


Marketing is often executed in project-based manner. That is why a lot of generic project management principles perfectly apply to marketing and why marketing should also be optimized, similar to project management techniques. The post tells you how principles and best practices of agile development applied to marketing can help to overcome problems experienced by marketing executives. 

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