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Agile Community Registry

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This page maintains links to help locate a variety of Agile Communities.  We point you first to Global Agile organizations that maintain lists of local groups, by geography, to start your search.


Agile Community - those thought leaders, craftpersons and adherents who support an approach to working together that favors short-cycle, iterative, feedback-intensive efforts that allow interium results to influence the emerging direction of the practice.


We point you first to Global Agile organizations that maintain lists of local groups, by geography, to start your search. Many Agile groups now use www.meetup.com to publicize local meetings, some of which may not be included in any of the lists below. In Meetup you can search by Topic and country/ zipcode to find a group closest to you.


Global Agile Communities   Description and Link to Local Chapters/Groups Contact Info
Agile Alliance  

A non-profit to "support those who explore and apply Agile principles and practices to make the software industry productive, humane, and sustainable."  The user group listing includes the range of agile methodologies and related interests.  The Agile Alliance User Group listing is organized alphabetically within geography: Americas, European, Asian, Africa. 




Agile Project Leadership Network  

A non-profit whose Purpose, Mission and Vision is: Connecting, developing, &supporting great project leaders.  The Chapters are listed alphabetically.




Scrum Alliance  

The Scrum Alliance is a nonprofit organization committed to delivering articles, resources, courses, and events that will help Scrum users be successful.  Scrum User groups are listed alphabetically within geography:  North America, Europe, Africa/Asia/Australia/South America




Local Agile Communities (not found in groups above) Location Description and Link to Organization Contact Info
Agile Austin   Austin, TX USA 

User and educational group.  Proof of Attendance forms will be provided for PMI PDUs



See website 
AgileBoise Boise, Idaho AgileBoise meets monthly for a Roundtable meeting and other events. Currently hosting a series of Agile Workshops. See the site for more. Meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at noon, see the website for exact location. Contact: Jason Dean at jason@agilescrumpro.com
Agile Connecticut Hartford, CT Agile CT: agile & Scrum usergroup in Hartford CT. Meets monthly excepting August. Meets the 1st Tuesday of the month. Capacity: 70 persons (max). Contact: Dan Mezick (203 234) 1404
Agile Denver Denver, CO USA

The Agile Software Development Community along the Front Range.


See website and join us on LinkedIn groups
AgileLUNCHBOX  Columbus, OH 

Promotes all agile methodologies and to share best practices in a meeting during lunch. This group is open to anyone (developers, managers, analysts, testers, etc.) interested in learning more about Extreme Programming, Agile, RUP, SCRUM, Kanban, etc 

Last Wednesday of month.  Join us on LinkedIn. For more information contact Angela Lopez at


Agile Interest Group Luxembourg Luxembourg (Luxemburg), Europe

Agile Interest Group Luxembourg is for agile methods users in Luxembourg, organising conferences, workshops and master classes.  




Agile Omaha Omaha, NE Active User Group for our Community to Collaborate on Agile Topics. Come Join Us! www.OmahaAgileDevelopment.org Meet on Tuesday nights every other month. Contact selatta@OmahaAgileDevelopment.org to join.
Central Ohio Agile Association Columbus, OH

The Central Ohio Agile Association (COHAA) is is dedicated to promoting the use of Agile practices and principles in project management, software development, quality assurance, and business analysis with an emphasis on solution delivery.




Last Thursday of each odd number month. For additional monthly events, visit the website, follow on TwitterTechLife Columbus or join us on LinkedIn

Contact Jennifer Bleen at jbleen@cohaa.org for more information

Scrum Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA

Pittsburgh Scrum Community



Online Agile Communities Location Description and Link to Community Contact Info
Groups may be online only or a communication channel for face-to-face local groups   NOTE: When searching for communities online be specific - a Yahoo Group search for "agile" gets over 500 matches.  Try  "agile development", "lean user group", etc. for better results  

Agile Beyond Software




Search Groups for "agile", "pmp", ...


Agile PMP Group





Use Search function or use the Groups icon to get to Browse Groups











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