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Agile Community Engagement Backlog

Page history last edited by Anthony Gonzales 14 years, 2 months ago

This page is used to record and track the product backlog of the Agile Community Engagement Subteam.  The table can be changed. Enter suggestions as comments on this page.


1) provide information about Agile groups to PMI members so they know where to find information about local Agile meetings


2) find a place on the wiki to document PMI/Agile chapter collaborations - how they are progressing, what are the outcomes, what have they learned, etc.


User Story Definitions

Agile Community - Those thought leaders, craftpersons and adherents who support an approach to working together that favors short-cycle, iterative, feedback-intensive efforts that allow interium results to influence the emerging direction of the practice.  Agile methods include and are not limited to: Scrum, Crystal, Extreme Programming (XP), Adaptive Software Development, Feature Driven Development, Dynamic Systems Development, Context Driven Testing, Lean Development and (Rational) Unified Process


ACE team member - member of the Agile Community Engagement subteam

Practioner - Any member of the PMI-Agile community of practice

Agile Evangilist - a Practioner who has a personal drive to spread the word

Community Organizer - a Practioner who demonstrates results in building and sustaining agile user groups


ID Story Owner Prio Status

As an ACE team member I need to have a clear understanding of what it is we're trying to do - is the team still chartered with " find a place on the wiki to document PMI/Agile chapter collaborations, how they are progressing, what are the outcomes, what have they learned, etc."

Ainsley Resolved   
As an ACE team member I need to have definitions of "practioner" and "Agile Community", that match what other subteams use, so that I understand the boundaries of the initiating Epic
Ainsley Resolved   
IdCom1 As a practitioner, I want to be engaged in a local Agile community, so that I can network and grow my skills Ainsley    
IdCom2  As a practioner I want an easy way to find and contact local agile communities wherever I am in the world. Ainsley    
IdCom3  As a practioner I'd like to have a general idea of what each community is about to help me decide if I want to contact them Ainsley    
Collabs1  As an Agile evangelist I want to know about PMI-Agile collaborations and partnerships so I can more convincingly spread the word.      
Collabs2  As a community organizer I want to communicate with organizers of PMI-Agile collaborations and partnerships so I can more effectively initiate this kind of collaboration/partnership myself.      
Collabs3  As a PMI member I want to know where and/or when PMI-Agile collaborations and partnerships are taking place so I can participate,      


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