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3  Tools and Instruments

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This page is a collections of links to files and pages that describe Agile tools and instruments.

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Agile Assessment Instruments


Dr Agile


"Dr. Agile is the state-of-the-art agile readiness assessment tool. Based on years of academic and industrial research, Dr. Agile uses over 300 different indicators to determine which agile practices your organization is ready to adopt. Don’t attempt to adopt agile practices without consulting Dr. Agile. Maybe you’ll be adopting a practice that is not suitable for your organization."


Agile Project Management tools

Below are the leaders in the Agile "tooling" space. Tools, while not emphasized in Agile (especially during the early stages of adoption), may be useful for distributed teams and/or multi-team projects, where reporting to upper management and high visibility over progress is interesting.




"V1: Agile Enterprise is an easy-to-use, centralized agile planning and management system that is perfect for multi-team, multi-project organizations. With integrated agile processes and improved alignment between business and IT, V1: Agile Enterprise is the most scalable, flexible, and informative tool on the market. "




"From pilot projects to distributed, multi-team programs, Rally’s family of Agile lifecycle management solutions gives teams the visibility and collaboration needed to formalize and scale Agile development practices that deliver high-value software in rapid iterations."


Presentation - Tooling in an Agile Environment and the Acorn Case Study

By: Torsten Weirich & Ryan Martens

To explore the role of tools as a change-enabler in adopting Agile, this presentation introduces an organizational change model from waterfall to Agile. Using this model, Ryan will show how changes in the “dev-build-test-fix” cycle along with project/program visibility, tracking and signaling tools can help lead the change effort, especially in medium to large teams. This presentation is targeted at team, project, process, program and product managers of medium to large-scale software development organizations who are making the move to Agile.




Danube ScrumWorks


"ScrumWorks® Pro is the only enterprise-capable tool designed exclusively to reinforce the principles of the Scrum framework. The tool facilitates a collaborative system in which teams, Product Owners, and stakeholders can manage the Scrum lifecycle at the program, product, release, and sprint levels. With role-based tracking and reporting features that support the Scrum paradigm, ScrumWorks Pro increases project transparency and product quality, while lowering project risk and development costs. "


ThoughtWorks Mingle


"Mingle, the Agile project management and team collaboration tool, provides a shared workspace for your entire team. It adapts to the way agile project teams think and work, while supporting various flavours of Agile like XP, Scrum, Agile Hybrid."


Green Hopper


"GreenHopper is a plug-in for JIRA and Microsoft Team System. It provides users with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface within the context of Agile project management, while improving the visibility of work in progress".




Wrike is the first web-based project management software fully integrated with email.  We already help global companies like Salesforce, Capgemini, and Hilton, as well as thousands of SMBs to merge their email communications with project planning and online collaboration. As a result managers in these companies have a clear view of their whole business. If email is the backbone of your project communications, Wrike will help you save up to 30 hours a month and also will give you a fill control of your projects. Wrike is successfully used for SCRUM.


Liquid Planner


LiquidPlanner is the only project management tool that lets you easily adapt your project plan based on real-life change and uncertainty. The result? Realistic schedules that make planning, collaborating, and hitting deadlines a breeze. It will be very useful for PMs recently jumping into agile band wagon, as it provides a MS project like view of the backlog. It also has a very good tool for time sheets.




ScrumPad is the next generation Web-based Agile project/product lifecycle management solution. It is intuitve and simple and designed to support software development teams of any size. It is built from ground up for all flavors of Agile- Scrum, XP, and others. It is available in both on-demand and on-premise versions.


Serena Agile On Demand



Agile Bench


Agile Bench is web-based project management and planning software for teams using an agile method.  Agile Bench provides powerful backlog management to manage changing requirements and kanban style story wall to visualize your work.


Checklists & Tools



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